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Trade-in & trade up at Luxury Motor Cars

Nobody beats our trade-in values. Period. Don’t waste your time going anywhere else. Get the absolute maximum at Luxury Motor Cars.

Your trade-in is like a giant down payment. And big down payments mean more financing options and nicer cars to choose from.

Still paying off your car? No problem. We’re happy to take it as a trade-in so you can get the car you want.

A trade-in lowers the purchase price of your new car. That means you pay less sales tax to the state of NJ. A win-win.

Skip the DMV. When you trade-in, we’ll handle everything — plates, registration, title. That’s less hassle for you.

Seller beware: Before you sell your used car privately

Selling a car on your own comes with a lot of headaches

Waiting is part of the game. The longer it takes to sell, the longer you’ll be making payments on your loan, taxes & insurance.

When you think you’ve finally sold your car, the buyer could still back out. Get ready to start all over again.

Professional scammers are out there. And they’re sophisticated when it comes to separating sellers from their cars.

Going for test drives with people you don’t know can be pretty risky. And letting them drive alone? Even riskier.

It’s on you to fix any mechanical or cosmetic issues with your car. Worse — you may not ever recoup that money.

Are you good with legal matters? Have you adequately protected yourself against fraud & liability claims, even after the car is sold?

How do you feel about meeting with strangers? If something goes wrong after the sale, they know where you live.

Even if you do all the homework and take all the right steps, there’s no guarantee you’ll get the price you want.